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It Started 2000 Years Ago (Short)
Published on December 13, 2004 By Sabbatismus In Religion
Anti-Christmas in the Christmas Bible Story???? The Biblical account celebrates the day of Christ's birth in Luke 2 and the Gospel of Matthew but, the story of Christ's birth doesn't end there. The Biblical account also reminds us of the slaughter of the innocent infants, (Mt. 2:16-18) , that suffered as a result of Herod's attempt to destroy Christ AT the DAY of His birth. It's not surprising to see those who zealously work today, to destroy celebration of the day OF Christ's birth.... Herod tried it first, 2,000 years ago. Yep, Herod was the first one to try to stomp out Christmas.

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on Dec 18, 2004

Reply #22 By: Sabbatismus - 12/17/2004 3:08:52 PM
Very well, said.

Thanks, sabbatismus...great article, by the way.
on Dec 19, 2004

Imagine that, a government offical being Anti-Christ-mas.

better also toss in oliver cromwell, leader of the reformation and the man who banned christmas celebrations in england.  dont forget william bradford, first governor of the massachusetts bay colony, who banned christmas celebrations for 22 years. 

repeal of the ban didnt make pious puritans happy:

"Carts came to town and Shops open as is usual. Some, somehow, observe the day; but are vexed, I believe, that the Body of the People profane it, - and, blessed be God! no Authority yet to compell them to keep it," --samuel sewell, journalist 1685.

please note sewell is thanking god no one forced the colonists to violate their consciences with the sin of celebrating  christmas.   perhaps that will help yall to understand why it's not a good thing to have government involved in religion. 

on Dec 19, 2004

better also toss in oliver cromwell, leader of the reformation and the man who banned christmas celebrations in england. dont forget william bradford, first governor of the massachusetts bay colony, who banned christmas celebrations for 22 years.

Hmmmmm...England and surprise there!

on Dec 19, 2004

no surprise there!

you are aware the reason for these bans was the puritans (cromwell was puritan as well) thought christmas celebrations were unchristian and profaned the birth of christ? 

on Dec 19, 2004
preacherman, please feel free to use as much as you'd like, whether you give the credit to me or not. I'm pleased that you liked the article. I am indeed honored, as Heather said.
Thank you to all those who appreciated my article. God richly bless all this Christmas season and peace and good will be to all men.
on Dec 19, 2004


You are an amazing man. Thank you for your insight, humility and love of the Lord. I love you, Dad.

on Dec 19, 2004
oh dear, you melt my heart! I love you very much.
on Dec 19, 2004
In fact it was so insightful I am going to preach on this tomorrow morning.

The spirit of Herod vs the Spirit of Christmas!

1) troubled spirit- spirit of fear and perplexity.
2) wiley spirit- cunning, crafty and deceptive spirit
3) destructive spirit

Sabbatismus you were so right - that spirit exist today in those trying to take God out of any public forum- especially Christ out of Christmas.

Thanks for the insight- does anybody else see it?

on Dec 19, 2004

does anybody else see it?

I didn't until this article and the subsequent disscussion. I was floored actually.

on Dec 20, 2004

out of any public forum

if that's what youre seeing, then you need glasses.  if that were the case, the issue wouldnt be open for discussion.  insisting on keeping government unentangled with matters of personal faith is a whole lot different than keeping religion out of 'every public forum'.

on Dec 20, 2004
if that's what youre seeing, then you need glasses

he hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart and be converted, and I should healed them.

have a Merry Christmas kingbee- hope you'll see the purpose of Christ

on Dec 23, 2004
sabbtismus thanks for the insight.
I preached on this thought this past Sunday. The sermon is summarized on our church web site. Link

God Bless and have a Merry Christmas
on Dec 23, 2004
Hey, Excellent, Dennis. I like the way you broke it down in to the different spirits. Excellent work . I thought your part about Herod being deceitful was very insightful. Good work.
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