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June 28, 2010 by Sabbatismus
Christ Enters Rest 

Why Christians Observe the Lord’s Day

By Robert Clanton



This purpose of this article is to explain the chronological and Christological process that gave The Lord’s Day the prominence in Christian worship. 


Among the Sabbatarian groups such as the Adventist and the many splinter groups of the former Herbert and Garner Ted Armstrong followers, there is a general condemnation of the non-Sabbatarians as being bre...
December 22, 2005 by Sabbatismus
As we come to Christmas we all hear the story of Christ birth. Often singing, "Round yon Virgin Mother and Child, holy infant …" Today, I paused to contemplate this "Virgin Mother and her holy infant" . What kind of Mother and Virgin must she have been. That the she would conceive the "Son of God" that would bring redemption into the world and save mankind from their sins.

Surely, this "Woman" as Christ called her, was more than any ordinary Woman. She being a virgin was espoused to ...
November 20, 2005 by Sabbatismus
The Sabbath Day And the Synagogue in the Book of Acts
By Sabbatismus

Often used by the Sabbatarians as "proofs" that Gentiles and Christians are to keep the Sabbath day of the Jews are the scriptures in book of Acts. For the casual reader, who may be unfamiliar with the Synagogue and the rest of the teachings of both the Jews and Scripture, it may appear to be "proof" . But, for the real student of Judaism, Christianity and the Scriptures, i.e., the learned, they do not substantiate the cla...
May 3, 2005 by Sabbatismus
The Sin of Onan and Contraception
Is it WHAT they say it is?

Even if you think you are going to read the same old party line, you are in for some surprises. I'm both Christian and Catholic, I don't have an agenda in writing this one way or the other. I do believe what I write is an honest assessment of the scriptures regarding the sin of Onan and the subject of contraception as it pertains to Onan. .

Some Catholic authors will us the sin of Onan as an example of God's abhorrence of co...
March 28, 2005 by Sabbatismus
The Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses and the Armstrong splinter groups all say that the first big lie is the teaching of the immortal soul. They claim that Christianity in general follow the lie of Satan and promised that Adam and Eve would not die. And that the teaching of the immortal soul means that no one dies.

The question is what is "death " and what does it mean to die. The scripture says in Genesis, "in that day, that you eat of the fruit thereof you shall surely die" . What happened "...
March 24, 2005 by Sabbatismus
Ronald L. Dart , another spin off from the Herbert Armstrong - Garner Ted Armstrong Cult

For any of those few who hear Ron Dart as a radio evangelist and want to know more, listen up. Here is the truth about what he teaches before you get trapped in his religion. Ron Dart's "born to win" ministry was born out of the Herbert Armstrong Cult, where he served as an "evangelist" . After, the son, Garner Ted Armstrong was removed from the ministry by his own father for numerous sexual encounters ...
March 13, 2005 by Sabbatismus
It was only a matter of time. One of the splinter groups from the Worldwide Church of God, started by the self-professed endtime Apostle and Prophet Herbert W. Armstrong, had a member come in and end the lives of 7 and himself by shooting them.

The self-proclaimed "Living Church of God" became a deadly place to be attending Church. These "Churches of God" all hold similar beliefs as the David Koresh Cult that burned his followers alive in Waco, Texas. Their teachings are that Christians must ...
February 5, 2005 by Sabbatismus
Mt.8:Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. 11And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven. 12But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth

The weeping and gnashing of teeth is said to occur in outer darkness, which is the absence of light from God's grace. There the soul is able to remembe...
February 3, 2005 by Sabbatismus
Did Christ die for the sins of Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, the Prophets of the Old Testament? Were they Dead when Christ died? Then Christ did die for the sins of the dead. Chist made atonement for the dead, so that they might be delivered from their sin."

In the Spirit and mind of the Apostles, the sacrifice of Christ offering on the cross is an offering for those who are dead in sins, whether they be alive in the body or departed from the body before Christ died. From Adam to Christ, coun...
January 30, 2005 by Sabbatismus
My heart is overtaken in love, respect and pride for the work our troops have done in securing the vote for Iraq. I don't know how many of you watched the faces of the Iraqi pleople as the cheered, waved flags and clapped and jumped for joy of feedom. Lord! What a wonderful people we are! There has never been so great a nation! How very thankful I am to have Bush as our President to inspire and finish the course. May the Lord bless these men and women, their families and posterity for all t...
January 28, 2005 by Sabbatismus
It is popular among the Adventist and the former Armstrong followers to say that the doctrine of the immortality of the soul was invented or borrowed from paganism around 1000 AD or at the the time of the Dante. However, the facts are quite the opposite. In every case the doctrine of the immortality of the soul is taught by Christ in agreement with the Pharisees at the time of Christ. The famous historian Josephus records the explicit teaching of the Pharisees and Christ agrees with every wor...
December 24, 2004 by Sabbatismus
Recently, I was told by some former Armstrong cult member that the Washington Monument was a phallic symbol. Just like those who want to attack Christmas because it is sacred to Christianity, now they want to attack the sacred monuments of the United States as evil.

The Washington Monument looks much more like a sharpened pencil than any phallic symbol. When the Holy Spirit worksand leads in the heart and the spirit of the person obeys Its influence, it doesn't contemplate or mediate on e...
December 13, 2004 by Sabbatismus
Anti-Christmas in the Christmas Bible Story???? The Biblical account celebrates the day of Christ's birth in Luke 2 and the Gospel of Matthew but, the story of Christ's birth doesn't end there. The Biblical account also reminds us of the slaughter of the innocent infants, (Mt. 2:16-18) , that suffered as a result of Herod's attempt to destroy Christ AT the DAY of His birth. It's not surprising to see those who zealously work today, to destroy celebration of the day OF Christ's birth.... Herod tr...
December 13, 2004 by Sabbatismus
There is historical proof as well as scriptural proof.

A noted advocate of the December 25th date was John Chrysostom (c. 347-407), a humble and caring man, perhaps best known for his writings on the Bible and the Christian faith. He was also an eloquent preacher in the city of Constantinople, where his sermons became a stronger attraction for people than the shows of the amphitheater. Through his ministry many souls came to Christ-from among heretics, pagans, and Jews.

He was not without ...
December 13, 2004 by Sabbatismus
Jeremiah the fourth chapter tells us how the earth was plunged back into darkness and being void and without form again after the sin of Adam and Eve. Jer.4: 22 For my people [the Jews to whom he gave the Sabbath] is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge. 23 I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. This the prophet Jere...