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Join born to win and you're bound to lose.
Published on March 24, 2005 By Sabbatismus In Religion
Ronald L. Dart , another spin off from the Herbert Armstrong - Garner Ted Armstrong Cult

For any of those few who hear Ron Dart as a radio evangelist and want to know more, listen up. Here is the truth about what he teaches before you get trapped in his religion. Ron Dart's "born to win" ministry was born out of the Herbert Armstrong Cult, where he served as an "evangelist" . After, the son, Garner Ted Armstrong was removed from the ministry by his own father for numerous sexual encounters with outside his marriage, Ted Armstrong started his own church, the Church of God International. It wasn't long and Ted Armstrong was banished from his own church he started after again having a number of sexual encounters outside his own marriage. Ron Dart, joined the CGI shortly after Ted started the organization thinking he was on a ground floor opportunity of an expectant large church following with tens of millions of dollars annual income.. However, most people didn't follow Garner Ted because of his persistent womanizing. Ron Dart faithfully stood by Ted Armstrong as long as he believed that he would be the successor to the leadership of the CGI if Ted was again removed from televison. When Garner Ted was once again removed from the ministry for his womanizing, after being displayed on national television on Geraldo Rivera day time show, Garner Ted Armstrong nude chasing a massage therapist, ( and then his involvement with another woman in a local church.

You can see the video at: When Ron Dart, saw he wasn't liked and was not going to be promoted to take Garner Ted Armstrong's position, he then started his own "ministry" . In other words, he saw an opportunity to collect tithes and money for himself.

Ron Dart's teachings follow that of Herbert and Ted Armstrong. The following is a capsule of his doctrine. Are you ready for this:

1. You have to become Jewish if you are to be Christian. You must keep the Jewish Sabbath and Holy Days and meat restrictions. Of course, the tithe would go to Ron Dart.
2. There is more than 1 (one) God. Christ is God and the Father is God, and there is a good chance you can become God too.
3. When a person dies, he goes into soul sleep. This is good news for the criminals. That way they are not punished.
4. If you are a truly evil person, you probably are on the " NOT Called List" , so you get a second life time to be saved. The criminals all love this one. You don't have to pay for any evil you do in this life, no matter how evil you are, as long as you die before cops catch you, you won't be punished. As long as your are on the "Not Called List" you are safe.
5. And in case you don't have enough financial troubles, there are at least two tithes (20% of your income off the gross) and numerous obligations of holy day offerings for you. Ron will be glad to take them all. BTW: The beliefs shown above are common to all the Armstrong splinter groups, they just add an Apostle or Prophet for spice.

If you join or support Ron Dart's "Born to Win" you are bound to lose
The web-site below gives you a look at the Herbert, Ted and Ron Dart

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